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Interviews with Pierre Pradervand

Blessing and the Spiritual Path

Recently Les Voies de Soi asked Pierre to talk about his spiritual path. In this just released informal video conversation Pierre shares with us the role the practice of blessing has had in his life: ”demolishing” the ego, fostering unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, eliminating all judgement, and creating a yearning for simplicity in all…

An interview with Kelly Howell

Direct link to track ~ approximately 30 minutes Here’s the link to the show on the Theatre of the Mind website.

Forgiveness – with Prayerful Living

Shared with permission of Prayerful Living – copyright Pierre Pradervand. For information on archived and future audio talks offered by Prayerful Living Learning Center, please check What if forgiveness were one of the greatest gifts you could ever make to yourself in your lifetime? With over 50 years professional life experience in over 40…

Call with

Read the full blog and listen to the call here ~ A Lifetime Of Blessing: Pierre Pradervand –Kozo Hattori, on Jan 19, 2016 “Pierre Pradervand is someone who has devoted his whole life to blessing. His website includes blog entries, videos, testimonials, audio blessings, spiritual texts, and blessing circles. He is also the author…