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Interviews with Pierre Pradervand

On Your Mind – Interview with Timothy J. Hayes

Click here to listen to the podcast For some of us, finding a deeper understanding of the self will remain lacking without the spiritual dimension. But with so many spiritual paths out there, it can be difficult to find which one best suits us. Guiding you towards an authentic spiritual search, Pierre Pradervand wrote The Gentle Art…

An Interview with Mystic Fix

Pierre Pradervand

In keeping with the Justice theme, Julia Gordon-Bramer has a wonderful conversation with author Pierre Pradervand, who talks about two of his books, his latest The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment, and Messages of Life From Death Row.

The Power of Blessing with Anna Anderson

The Power of Blessing part 1 The Power of Blessing part 2 The second podcast ends with information regarding Pierre’s workshops. After offering these for over 30 years, he has now decided to focus on his writing and offering individual life coaching sessions, either in person, or via Zoom, Skype or phone. When someone sneezes, you…

The Healing Power of Blessing Others

The power of blessing My guest this week, Pierre Pradervand, talks about how he discovered the power of blessing everyone he meets. It all started when someone undermined him at work. At first Pierre was really mad and full of resentment. But he was reminded of Jesus’s command to love and bless our enemies. As…

Blessing – A Path of Peace & Healing with Pierre Pradervand

Are you struggling with a LOT of intense feelings right now? Are you finding it hard to maintain your inner peace? You are not alone! This is why I am so grateful to be able to introduce you to this week’s very special guest, Pierre Pradervand! Listen here – by Frances Fayden | May 11, 2022 | Magnify Your…

An interview with Paul Dolman

Pierre Pradervand

The iconic sage Pierre Pradervand returns to the show to share his lifetime of perspective and wisdom. Source –

Positive Changes – A Self-Kick Podcast

Pierre was the guest of Shelley F Knight,  Host of Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast, and shared thoughts on the blessing practice, spirituality and the importance of saying Yes to life. Click here to listen or watch in the video below

Bathed in blessings

A conversation between Pierre and Dr. Amy Robbins, Host: Life, Death, and The Space Between Podcast on the practice of blessing and following one’s spiritual path. For information on Amy Robbins, visit

Radiate Wellness Podcast

Pierre Pradervand

Episode 143 Radiate Blessings with Pierre Pradervand ​Listen to the Radiate Wellness Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or at Or ask Alexa to play The Radiate Wellness Podcast. If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you are listening. 

An interview with Dave the Mystic

Pierre Pradervand

In this audio podcast, Pierre and Dave Barnett share thoughts about spirituality, mystical experiences, raising world consciousness, unconditional love and the practice of blessing. Original source –

Grief 2 Growth Podcast with Brian D Smith

In this podcast Pierre and Brian Smith of Grief 2 Growth share thoughts on spiritual growth, consciousness, gratitude, compassion with others’ pain, the practice of blessing and its application to all sorts of situations.

Source of Wonder conference October 2020

The Source of Wonder event was hosted by Masami & Hiroo Saionji of the Goi Peace Foundation and Ervin Laszlo of the Club of Budapest—the three co-initiators of the Fuji Declaration. to turn words into actions … to seize a golden global moment of opportunity and discover our magnificent Source of Wonder (of One-der) … to…

An interview with Paul Dolman

In this conversation Pierre shares his thoughts on the environment, pollution, what Covid teaches us about inequality, the economy and a world that works for all, the role of women and practicing our spirituality. Source

A Sacred Word That Can Heal & Transform

An interview with Valeria Teles Koopman – Healing Coach, Author and Podcaster. In this interview Pierre shares some of his thoughts on life, freedom, trust, love, healing the world, death, fear, mystical experiences and the spiritual path.

Podcast interview with Kelle Sparta

In this episode, Kelle welcomes Pierre Pradervand to Spirit Sherpa to discuss the art of blessings. Listen in as Pierre shares his life stories that have led him to find a peace in his heart which fills his days with love and compassion for all those he comes into contact with. Truly a wonderful listen…

An interview with Paul Dolman

Pierre Pradervand

This show with the luminous Pierre Pradervand just touched my soul so deeply.  A magnificent yet gentle soul, Pierre touched me with his wisdom and grace.  Though global in scope, his basic tenants of love, kindness and simplicity are available to us in every moment.  Full article –

The spiritual life & practice of Blessing

Pierre was interviewed on the subject of the blessing practice in conjunction with the Awaken to Love global event sponsored by The Course in Miracles in November 2018   “This live event you just did on our Awaken to Love Conference was one of the most touching and most powerful sessions I have ever joined!…

Finding Gratitude in Blessing – interview with CultureRISE

Pierre Pradervand

“When something goes completely askew in your day – some unexpected event knocks down your plans, and you too also – burst into blessing, for life is teaching you a lesson and the very event you feel unwanted you yourself called forth, so as to learn the lesson you might balk against were you not…

Pierre Pradervand – Blessing to heal ourselves and the world

O books interview

O BOOKS Presents Published on 12 Jun 2018 Did you know that you can use the simple act of blessing to profoundly transform how you experience life, regardless of your spiritual preferences? Based on his own experience, and sharing some his countless inspiring stories, Pierre Pradervand expounds on the power of blessing with humour and…

Blessing and the Spiritual Path

Recently Les Voies de Soi asked Pierre to talk about his spiritual path. In this just released informal video conversation Pierre shares with us the role the practice of blessing has had in his life: ”demolishing” the ego, fostering unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, eliminating all judgement, and creating a yearning for simplicity in all…

An interview with Kelly Howell

Direct link to track ~ approximately 30 minutes Here’s the link to the show on the Theatre of the Mind website.

Forgiveness – with Prayerful Living

Shared with permission of Prayerful Living – copyright Pierre Pradervand. For information on archived and future audio talks offered by Prayerful Living Learning Center, please check What if forgiveness were one of the greatest gifts you could ever make to yourself in your lifetime? With over 50 years professional life experience in over 40…

Call with

Read the full blog and listen to the call here ~ A Lifetime Of Blessing: Pierre Pradervand –Kozo Hattori, on Jan 19, 2016 “Pierre Pradervand is someone who has devoted his whole life to blessing. His website includes blog entries, videos, testimonials, audio blessings, spiritual texts, and blessing circles. He is also the author…