A poem on hope, Abbé Pierre

I will continue to believe, even if everyone loses hope.
I will continue to love, even if others distill hatred.
I will continue to build, even if others destroy.
I will continue to talk peace even in the midst of a war.
I will continue to spread light, even in the midst of darkness.
I will continue to sow, even if others trample the harvest.
And I will continue to shout, even if others are silent.
And I will draw smiles on faces in tears.
And I will bring relief, when we see the pain.
And I will offer reasons for joy where there is only sadness.
I will encourage  the one who decided to stop to keep walking …
And I will stretch out my arms to those who feel exhausted.

Abbé Pierre( 1912 – 2007) was a French Catholic priest, member of the Resistance during World War II. In 1949, he founded the Emmaus movement, with the goal of helping poor and homeless people and refugees.

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