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In Morocco, women find a recipe for success and gainful employment

recipe for success

Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald born In Morocco of American parents, founded the Amal for the Culinary Arts association in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2012 as an NGO for give unemployed women hands-on experience at the association’s own restaurant, before finding them a job through its network of partners. Today, Amal (Arabic for “hope”) is so successful it doesn’t have…

Breaking barriers, Arab-Israeli women join movement to wage peace

Israeli & Palestinian women march

Frustrated with the peace process, more Arab-Israeli women are joining the ranks of Women Wage Peace, rejecting pressure not to ‘normalize’ relations with Israeli Jews.  Says  member Ghadir Hani, “I was born in Akko, a mixed city, and I grew up on the values of accepting others,” she says. “We are all human beings. We…