The Power of Blessing – podcast with Anna Anderson

When someone sneezes, you instinctively say: “bless you!” – but did you know how powerful is a blessing you give to another person or to yourself? In this 2-part special episode we explore the oldest spiritual tradition known to humankind. What is blessing? What powers does it have? Is blessing reserved to priests only or can anyone use this secret and sacred power to raise the energy vibration of a person, situation, and the world? Listen to some amazing stories of mystical experiences by someone who’s been practicing, teaching, promoting and writing about blessings for decades, and so is clearly an expert on this subject matter – Pierre Pradervand. This is Part 1 – Part 2 is below. Enjoy!

In Part 2 of this very special 2-part episode we continue our life-changing and often surprising conversation with Pierre Pradervand about the power of blessing. Listen to the blessing for making love and another unusual and surprising blessing that will make you think twice about the world… Is Hoʻoponopono a blessing?…how to get through the darkest times of your life without giving up…the answer will surprise you and the story behind it will inspire you beyond words ….and the most precious lesson of all – did you know that your blessing may be your snail?… what does it mean?