The four questions which follow were asked of Pierre during a global telephone interview he had in early January 2016 with Awakin’s Pavi Mehta. The entire interview (replay and transcript) is here:

Question: I’m trying to understand how do you get to that point where you recognize that your blessing is truly authentic, because I could sit and almost say like a mantra, “I want to bless you,” and there is a part of me where that desire is very sincere, but for it to be fully authentic, to pop out of your heart, how do you cultivate that?

Pierre: I think perseverance is something very important. I say there are three qualities essential to the spiritual path, the spiritual life: intent, sincerity, and perseverance. Mother Teresa went through a spiritual desert for close to 50 years, and she never gave up serving. She just continued.
I think you will feel in your heart when your blessing comes from the heart. But don’t give up because you don’t feel that straight away. It took me a long time to bless with feeling rather than with the head, but in the beginning, the sincerity of desire, the desire to bless sincerely, was what carried me. And if you persevere that sincerity will get down to the heart, and you will bless from the heart. It is not possible otherwise. Sooner or later, you will get there.

Question: When I’m feeling angry or frustrated with a personal situation, where do I start so as to cultivate that feeling of blessing?

Pierre: When you feel an angry emotion or any emotion, just observe it. You are not your emotions. You are a child of the light. So just try to observe them as an outside observer and say, “Hmmm, interesting.  I am feeling very upset about this person.” You observe yourself trying to know that you are not the upset part. You are the serene Divine reflection. Just try that in addition to just persevering in wishing to bless.

Question:  “Do you believe in the law of attraction? If you do, how does that interpretation differ from the materialistic one that you usually find in books and workshops?”

Pierre: The law of attraction for me is so very simple – Light attracts Light. If you love someone, sooner or later, the love will come back to you. Maybe not through that person, but in some other manner. I believe that our good thoughts always attract good to us, although we can’t have an accounting book and draw up two columns: Here are the thoughts I send out and here are the good ones that come back to me. There is an element of faith, you know.
I believe in love because I once had in my life an incredibly powerful mystical experience. I felt divine Love as the ultimate law, power, reality, cause and effect, Presence, substance governing the whole universe. My mind had completely disappeared in a state of consciousness where there was nothing but divine Love. And for a while the divine consciousness was my consciousness because there is only one infinite Mind. I believe that the ultimate law of attraction is love. And the more love you put out, the more love will come back to you.

Question: What can we all do that as a community?

Pierre: Living in a service-oriented way. I think, is the ultimate goal of the spiritual path, not to have nice mystical experiences high up on the mountain top. Hugh Schonfield, a British scholar and thinker of the last century, coined the term and even created an organization called the Servant Nation. We have lived in divided political nations for years, and we now need to create a new nation of world servants: People who are working for a world that works for all. A win-win world is certain because the old conservative, masculine, hierarchical, Cartesian, competitive paradigm of yesterday is at the end of its rope. We are creating this win-win world, this world that works for all, but it will only happen as each of us feels a part of this servant nation. In fact we already are this servant nation. We just have to become aware of it. Everything is consciousness. Just become aware that you are a world servant just because you want a better world.

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