A simple practice that will transform you and your world

Pierre Pradervand

Welcome, dear friend, to a practice which since time immemorial has been uplifting people of all races, beliefs, occupation, age … a non-denominational practice which even agnostics and atheists can practice.

However, there are many ways of practicing it and the one described here is the result of a very powerful spiritual experience I underwent many years ago.


Healing Testimonies

A simple practice that will transform you and your world. This section is the heart of our site, because it shows that the art of blessing transforms life – and sometimes profoundly, even in extraordinarily difficult situations.

Anyone who has had experience with the practice of blessing is invited to share it with the readers of this site. If possible, please do not exceed half a page. The editors have the right to shorten a slightly long text. You are invited to give either your full name, first name or even initials, as well as your country or place of residence.

In advance, please send us your experiences here.

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