Pierre PradervandWelcome, dear friend, to a practice which since time immemorial has been uplifting people of all races, beliefs, occupation, age … a non denominational practice which even agnostics can practice. However, there are many ways of practicing it and the one described here is the result of a very powerful spiritual experience I underwent many years ago.

At the time (1986) I was working in the humanitarian field for a group of Swiss NGOs active in the field of international development. My job was to formulate educational programs on Third World issues for the school system. I loved my job and was very committed to it – I even had a camp bed in the office so as to rest when I missed the last train home ! At one moment I very much wanted to create a roving exhibition on hunger for schools to sensitize school children to one of the main world challenges. As there was no money in the budget for the project, I invested a very large chunk of my personal economies into the project. This had never ever happened in the history of these organizations. It was a frank success, toured many schools and was even written up in the press.

Healing testimonies

This section constitutes the heart of the site, because it shows that blessing changes lives, sometimes very deeply, including in immensely challenging situations.

Anyone having had a meaningful experience with blessing is invited to share it with visitors to this website. Kindly do not write more than 2/3 of a page, unless the testimony is quite exceptional. The editors may occasionally  edit a text for clarity or length. Please sign at least with your first name and the city, place or country where you live.

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Invitation to a Summer Retreat high in the Swiss Alps with Pierre Pradervand

20140723 1115281st to 14th July 2017

At La Forclaz, Valais, Switzerland

The first week will be bi-lingual (English and French) as Pierre’s two collaborators for this workshop are both English-speaking. The second week French will be the spoken language.

A summer retreat (3-7 days of your choosing) in the magical setting of "The Silence that Sings" at more than 2000m in an absolutely magical landscape, far from electromagnetic interference and other urban nuisances, with an air of total purity and exceptional water, put your neurons to rest and allow All your being to recharge in depth.

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Blessing messages read by Pierre Pradervand

Beyond Words, the publisher of my book The Gentle Art of Blessing, and I have embarked on a new adventure: audio blessings, read by me, which will be available to you at any time on your computer.

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Letter to a friend in a hurry

I hold you gently in the quiet of my thought. The stillness tells me clearly that this crisis in your life, which most call a breakdown, is a listening time.

As you told me when we visited a few weeks ago, the pace of your life had become utterly hectic. You've become a great success -- from the world's point of view. The world had crowned you, and its praises were like sweet promises that you'd one day own that realm. Then you suddenly woke up one morning to find you had lost the keys to your own inner kingdom.

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The importance of repentance

There is a beautiful and very inspiring website, peerservice.org  which regularly sends deeply inspiring (and only inspiring) messages. You can subscribe to their newsletters from which I took the following message.

Standing Rock Dec 2016It is a declaration that was recently made at Standing Rock, the place in North Dakota where Native American tribes and their supporters from the environmental movement won a major victory over an energy company that wanted to lay a pipeline which would have soiled some sacred lands of theirs. It was an unprecedented victory in the history of the Native American Nations and one that all those concerned with justice hope will be permanent. 

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Daily rituals to help us live well

I’d like to share with you a few small rituals that I practice and that may really enrich your day and place it on solid ground from the get-go. Some can be used when you awake, others are reminders during the day, and additional ones can be practiced at bedtime.


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Before I get up, I practice conscious breathing for 15-20 minutes lying in bed. This is a form of meditation inspired by Swami Prajnandad, one of the teachers of Arnaud Desjardins, a great French spiritual master who passed away a few years ago. The meditation is based on the power of YES, which some have described as THE most powerful word in the human language. As you inhale, you think: “yes to the new” and then on exhaling “Yes to the old which is leaving” (this is a way of welcoming positively EVERYTHING which will happen during the day).

Then, still lying down and totally awake, I say loudly: “What grand and glorious adventure is awaiting me today” and I repeat the Native American saying: “Give thanks for the hidden blessings which are already on their way to you.” Then I get up and, legs apart and arms in V shape, I state firmly and with conviction: “YES, THANK YOU for everything that will happen today.” This affirmation is based on the understanding than we live in an infinitely benevolent universe which desires our good beyond anything that we could possibly imagine. It is very important that these statements be made with utter conviction (and that for some may happen little by little).

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