I just finished reading your book “The Gentle Art of Blessing”.
It is so wonderful, the best book I have ever read! It should be taught in every school on this planet! It touches my heart & soul, gives me hope for a better life and world.

I just practiced it once, and it worked! It is so wonderful wonderful, wonderful. My words can’t describe my feelings. Here is my experience I would like to share:

We have had a hard time managing our bills for the longest time. Plus I am unemployed and my husband’s contractor doesn’t pay on time. Further, I tried to sell some of my stuff over the internet for almost a year. Last week when everything got really bad (we couldn’t afford to pay the rent) I went to bed at night and started blessing. I thought about our landlord, blessed him in his kindness and understanding, his family and his joy.

And this happened the next day:

– I had a phone call with the Social Security Office and the kindest clerk told me they would pay a part of our rent
– I got invitations for two different job interviews
– my husband’s contractor paid
– my ex-husband sent me a message that he will pay his debt in cash the following (which he did)
– I sold my designer purse on the internet

Nothing had directly to do with the landlord. But we were able to pay the rent! This really overwhelmed and made us cry. So many good things happened in just a few hours.

What a blessing! I’m so grateful! I definitely will make it my way of life. Every day!

I want to bless everybody in this world in their loving kindness, wholeness and inner peace! We are all one
Sabine, Germany