I bless this day as a series of ever-renewed opportunities to serve with love. May each of the leaves of my tree be for the healing of every individual I encounter. I especially bless and rejoice in the opportunities:

  • To do things well rather than carelessly or in a hurry
  • To smile rather than scowl or appear indifferent
  • To express love’s tender interest to all those I meet
  • To pause and listen rather than rush on to the next task.

I bless the hospital (doctor’s practice) as a temple of love rather than a source of income, governed by a true spirit of service rather than financial efficiency.

I bless the personnel in their diligence, humor and good naturedness.

I bless the doctors in their authentic listening, deep caring and true compassion, their wisdom in identifying right treatments, and their openness to accepting that healing may come from many sources, including prayer.

I bless all patients in their courage, steadfastness, trust and light spirits, and their ability to strengthen their immune system by expressing a generous portion of one of the best medicines around – laughter.

And finally, I bless myself in my unruffled poise and serenity, my joy and my professional competence. May the fount of unconditional love which is the essence of my true being pour freely on all, including Thy humble servant.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/