I bless this day and the countless opportunities for service it offers.

I bless myself in my ability to do my best at all times, to work diligently and serenely, to manifest utmost patience and grace with irate or impatient customers, and to offer the precious gift of a smile to all those I encounter.

I bless the quality of my service, in its efficiency, cleanliness and joy.

I bless myself in my strength, tireless good humor and my competence.

I bless the (café, restaurant, supermarket, bar, shop) where I work as a temple of Love’s presence. May I reflect that presence at all times in unselfconscious goodness toward all, in my ability to lift the downhearted with a kind word or a smile, and the gracefulness of my service.

Shine as me, and may I be so Thee that all those I encounter may no longer see me, but only Thee, Thou infinite One.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/