A blessing for one of the most terrible situations I can think of:  children condemned to life imprisonment. The USA is the only country in the world to do this, and almost 3000 of them are condemned to this fate (figure for 2015), some as young as 13. Until 2005, some of them were even put to death. Let is embrace them deep in our hearts and say this blessing with special feeling. For further information, check www.eji.org/childreninprison

I bless the numerous children condemned to spend their whole lives in jail. I bless them in their courage to never give up. I bless them in their hope that the impossible may happen to set them free.  I bless their families that they may keep contact with them through thick or thin. I bless the prison wardens who guard them in their compassion and deep humanity, that they may grant them special favours and treat them as their own children.

I bless the legislators and politicians of any kind involved with the administration of justice, from local courts to the Supreme Court and the public, that they may they take to heart the fate of children in jail and may implement rehabilitation programs that address the tremendous challenges these children face.

And I bless myself in my ability to rise beyond necessary indignation to understanding that even behind this horror, there is a greater plan unfolding toward a world of universal brotherhood, compassion and authentic justice.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/