Children in foster care often come from very dysfunctional families,  and the foster parents may not always be up to the high standard of parenting which should be expected for such a role. So the children concerned show much higher rates of school failure, difficulties in social adaptation and delinquency than their peers. When they leave the system as young adults, they are often ill-prepared for coping with life and thus more likely to become homeless or end up in jail.

I bless children in foster care, that the challenges of their past weigh not unduly on their future. I bless the hosting families that they may welcome their foster child with understanding, gentleness, deep compassion and caring.

I bless these children in their courage, openness and complete trust. I bless them in their realization that no matter the ups and downs in their lives, there is a divine loving Parent/Presence  who will always be with them  and never abandon them.

And I send blessings to their classmates and neighbours in their friendliness and readiness to help them adapt. I bless the social services concerned with these children’s wellbeing and safety in their tolerance, patience, innovativeness and foresight.

I bless the school authorities in their understanding of the challenges facing these children and their creativity in helping them adapt to their new surroundings.

And finally, I shower with blessings our societies in general that their citizens and authorities may understand that the way they treat their weaker members is a measure of their own values and a yardstick enabling them to better walk their talk.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/