The normal functioning of our political systems demands a minimum of integrity and a certain restraint in campaigning. In recent years, these limits have increasingly been overstepped, sometimes in the most distressing manner. However, let us remember that once we have understood that every single person is at their highest level of consciousness, we cannot judge. As the text The Gentle Art of Blessing states, one cannot at the same time judge and bless. However terrible or disturbing the material picture, blessing always reverses it and claims the innate spiritual perfection of all beings.

I bless the politicians of my country (state, region, city) in their fundamental honesty and integrity.

I bless them in their consciousness of their divine essence that this essence may be reflected in all they do and say.

I bless them in their understanding that the law of right returns (we reap what we sow) applies to  every  single one of their words and actions.

I bless the citizens of my country in our grasp that we build this country together and that we are all co-responsible for its future.

I bless us all that instead of reacting with anger or biting judgment we may be led to pour our compassion and love on those who err in word and deed and be made to express still greater kindness and goodness  to those who are described by some as unworthy of our citizenship or of residing in our frontiers.

I bless us in our creativity and inspiration that we may respond with humor and uniquely creative actions to those who believe their money, status or power allows them to go against the rules of a clean democracy.

And finally, I bless us all in our understanding that good is ultimately always more powerful than evil, love more healing than hatred and rejection, and that the infinite loving Intelligence that runs this incredible show called The Universe will never allow its plans for our good to be  foiled by  the  illusory power  of evil.

Pierre Pradervand, from