The wonderful organization Humanity’s Team, an international spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One, asked me to write a blessing for Global Oneness Day 2016. Here it is. I would like to preface it by a few lines from that great Sufi master and poet Hafiz:

Look, one gets wings and gifts to the world
Music each morning;
One turns into such extraordinary light
He actually becomes a sustainer of a whole planet

We bless ourselves in our ability to express the light we truly are at the heart of our being, and thus to become willing tools to uphold, heal and sustain our beautiful planet.

We bless ourselves in our deeper understanding that we are all one, and that my neighbor truly is myself, and vice-versa – but also that all living beings are equally my neighbors.

We bless ourselves in our profound yearning to build a win-win world that works for all, animals and plants included, and to never, never give up until that glorious day is here.

We bless ourselves in our inspired understanding that all life on earth, all beings, are meshed in the most intricate and miraculous manner, and that our every thought, word, and deed impacts the whole planet far beyond anything we ever imagined possible.

We bless ourselves in our desire to become caring stewards and consumers of the planet, with the added intelligence to take the needed steps to do so without a trace of guilt or self-condemnation when we have not met the standards we set up for ourselves.

We bless those who out of greed, envy, or an unconscious fear of lack suffer this insatiable lust for “more, more” that they be brought to an understanding that a wise stewardship of the planet will provide true and unending abundance for all. And we bless ourselves that we may replace any anger or condemnation we might have felt for them with the overflowing, caring love that sees them as Divine Love’s children and cherishes their peace as we cherish ours.

Finally, may we reach that unshakeable trust that “He’s got the whole wide world in His hands” and that the Supreme Intelligence which so lovingly crafted this incredible marvel, this precious little planet – our home – will not allow ignorance, fear or greed to destroy it, but will guide us through “the valley of the shadow of death” to the Fertile Valleys awaiting us all.

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