I bless all journalists (or: the journalists of (name of station or newspaper/magazine) in their great love for and responsiveness to truth, and their sensitivity to beauty and goodness. I bless them in their ability to avoid being manipulated into reporting trivia or hiding truth. They denounce evil only to correct it. I bless them in the complete integrity of their being which leads them to avoid all cheap sensationalism and offensive probing of people’s lives. I joyfully bless them in their constant ability to report with exactitude, integrity, and total fairness on all they are requested to present to their readers (listeners, viewers) and to avoid all pressures to dilute their high standards of truth for reasons of expediency, economic or other.

A reminder: Blessing works on the level of invisible spiritual reality, not what appears to be happening on the level of material events. To material eyes, the journalists you are blessing may appear as totally unscrupulous, amoral profiteers who have only one concern: money and ego. That’s the very reason you blessing them: to help them access that space of pristine integrity and goodness, of unfailing compassion and tender caring, of constant striving for their highest sense of truth which exists deep inside every single individual, albeit they are often not aware of it.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/