One can never insist enough on the fact that blessing is one of the main tools we have at our disposal for healing the world. Wherever we are, whatever the situation, we can bless. Some people complain that they do not know what to do to heal the world. Well, if we just open our daily newspaper or turn on the news, we have access to a 24/7 programme! In recent years, a great drama has been unfolding in the Mediterranean as tens of thousands of often desperate refugees who are fleeing persecution attempt to cross in overcrowded and often unseaworthy boats and other crafts. Thousands drown. You and I can help – this very minute!
Pierre Pradervand

My heart goes out to these desperate brothers and sisters fleeing persecution and inhumane conditions, often with small children.

I bless them in their courage, their wisdom and creativity in plotting their survival and journey. I bless them in their sensitivity to the plight of their fellow-travellers.

I bless them in their health and endurance, their sheer grit and perseverance that they may never give up.

I bless the traffickers who often mercilessly exploit them and knowingly expose them to major hazards that they may learn to behave with true compassion and caring and become allies rather than exploiters of their fellow humans.

I bless the recipient countries that they may open their frontiers more widely and welcome them more generously.

And I give thanks for all these world problems that are blessings in disguise, awaking us all to the ever more evident fact that there are no more private paradises on this planet and that my neighbour is myself.

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