By Pierre Pradervand

Finally, humanity is just beginning to perceive that our planet is a living being which has been infinitely patient with the abuse we have wrought upon it.

We bless Mother Earth in its infinite abundance and stunning beauty, the wealth of its fauna and flora, the infinite subtlety of its growth and survival mechanisms and its mission of supporting the human race.

We bless it in its ability to protect itself against the chemical and physical abuses of which it is a victim. And we bless ourselves in our ability to use fewer pollutants and to simplify our lifestyles.

We bless Mother Earth in the purity of its water resources and their sane management by human communities and we bless ourselves in our ability to use them wisely and discerningly.

We bless our Earth in its soils everywhere and their ability to recover their original integrity.

We bless the numerous animal and plant species – be they in the seas, the skies, the soil or on land – and their ability to resist all attacks on their habitat, be it through overgrazing, overfishing, deforestation, etc.

And finally, we bless the human race in its ability to exercise wise stewardship in all areas of the environment.