We bless ourselves in this sacred trust of raising children, and our ability to meet all challenges as they arise.

We bless Thee, Mother-Father God, for the sacred privilege of raising these children of the stars. May their light shine ever brighter and may we and others be receptive to their brilliance.

We bless ourselves in our ability to understand the incredible challenges of growing up in today’s world.

We bless our whole family in our ability to express boundless patience and unconditional love toward each other.

We bless ourselves in our wisdom in transmitting to our children that inner sense of integrity that will enable them to resist undue peer pressure with grace and humor – and be loved all the more for it, be it in the field of sex, drugs, clothing, success, popularity, drinking or whatever.

We bless ourselves in our ability to share with our offspring that true wealth has little if anything to do with material possessions and a great deal to do with qualities such as love, compassion and giving. May we express such qualities so unselfconsciously that our star-children will reflect them too.

Finally, we bless ourselves in our ability to stick together as a family through thick and thin, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and to be open to the world’s problems and any heart in need.

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