One of the major scandals of today is that in a world that has the ample possibility of providing the basic needs for all, tens of millions of children, sometimes as young as four years old, roam the streets, sleeping under bridges, in garbage dumps, and in cellars, if not on the open street. An estimated two million of them have to sell their bodies and their innocence so they and sometimes their families may eat.
They are forced into prostitution against their will, often as the result of the abject poverty of their families.

From the deepest wellspring of my heart, I bless street children worldwide in their peace and rest.

I bless them in their deep sense of self-worth and self-respect, that they may transcend the numerous obstacles of which they are victims.

I bless them in the God-given creativity that resides in each one of them, that they may find their right place in society despite all obstacles.

I bless them in their inner beauty and light that shines in them whatever their appearances.

I bless them in their sense of abundance, that they may transcend all socially imposed beliefs of lack.

I bless the innumerable children who have been reduced to selling their bodies, that their innate innocence and purity may never be dimmed.

I bless them in their health, that they may not be victims of AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

I bless them in their consciousness of their divine nature, that it may efface any sense of self-condemnation, despair, fear, or powerlessness .

I bless them when they walk in the valley of the shadow of death. May they feel that Thy rod and Thy staff comfort and protect them.

I bless them in their infinite opportunity, that they may break free from this slavery and one day walk upright and free as useful citizens of their societies.

I bless the adults who use these children, that they may become aware of the depth of their wrongdoing and be led to repentance and reparation.

And finally, I bless myself that I may refuse to indulge in thought or in deed in the sensuality that reinforces the very existence of this exploitation.

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