From time to time,  we  shall  give  a  blessing for a  specific  profession or job. Today, we will start with one of the  most important activities  on the planet – that of teacher. There are so many stories of children whose lives were turned around by a remarkable teacher. So if you have teacher friends who do their best in their challenging job, please share this blessing with them.

I bless this day for the constant opportunities that it offers me to share wisdom and truth, to broaden my circle of compassion and my understanding, and to manifest patience and love toward all the children or students entrusted to my care.

I bless myself in my  ability  to  assume  full  responsibility  for all I do and to face any situation that could develop in the classroom, to handle tensions with nonviolence and to generate productive relations with the students, their parents and my colleagues.

I bless myself in my ability to discern the divine in each student, however contrary or aggressive outward appearances, to manifest constant calm whatever breaches to discipline may occur and to encourage serene discussions and  debates.

I bless my students in their desire to learn and progress, in their ability to contribute positively to the atmosphere of the class, to cooperate with and help fellow-students and to resist group pressure when this pressure would attempt to lead them to the use of drugs, alcohol or sex emptied of all beauty and norms.

Finally, I bless myself in my ability to produce exciting and stimulating courses which challenge the intellect of my students, reinforce their sense of values and offer them also a meaningful morality freed from dusty, guilt-producing norms. And I also bless myself in my ability to open them up to a high and noble vision of their lives and a deep desire to serve usefully both their community and all humanity and our  planet.

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