A blessing for teachers

I bless this day and the endless opportunities it offers me to share wisdom and truth, to extend compassion and understanding, to manifest patience and love toward all the students entrusted to my care – my star-children.

I bless myself in my willingness to assume full responsibility (i.e. the ability to respond with creativity and love) for any situation that develops in the classroom, to handle tensions non-violently, and generate productive relationships with parents and staff alike.

I bless my ability to discern the divine and the good in every child/student, however contrary the outward appearance, to manifest steadfast poise and unruffled calm whatever the threats to discipline and orderly discussion in the classroom.

I bless the students in their desire to learn and progress, in their capacity to contribute positively to the atmosphere of the class, to cooperate with and help fellow classmates, and above all to resist peer and other pressure which would entice or push them to taking drugs of any kind.

Above all, I bless myself in my ability to produce exciting courses that stretch students’ intellects, strengthen their sense of values and morality, develop their highest sense of vision, world-citizenship and an authentic desire to be of service to their community and all humanity.