I bless those who are tempted to commit terrorist acts, whether out of despair, hatred, fear, lust for power, or any other tormented human motive.

I bless them in their integrity,  that they may discover that the wholeness in themselves cannot be reached at the cost of the wholeness of others.

I bless them in their realization that love is the ultimate law governing the universe and mankind, and that their deepest honest longings can only be reached through the law of love.

I bless them in their awareness that, deep down, they are children of the light, and that terrorist schemes are but an inversion of the light with no true cause, substance, or law behind them.

I bless them in their understanding that the darkness they see or imagine can only be dispelled by light, not by more darkness.

I bless them in their unlimited goodness, kindness, compassion, and caring, which is waiting within to be kindled and brought to full fruition.

I bless them in their grasp of the law of right returns,  that they may understand that the good or evil they do to another, they ultimately do unto themselves.

I bless them in their hunger and thirst for righteousness, that it may be fulfilled.

I bless them that any sense of lack they feel may be healed by a clearer consciousness of infinite abundance now; that any restlessness may give way to Thy peace; that any feeling of insecurity with its attendant aggressiveness or fear may be healed by the sense of Thy comforting presence; that any sense of separation, clannishness, and loneliness may be assuaged by the understanding that we are all one.

And I bless myself in my awareness that divine Love sees no terrorists, only its perfect reflection, and that this same consciousness can be mine as I understand that behind the veil of appearances, all men and women have one Mind, the divine Mind.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/