It is important to remind ourselves that blessing often flies in the face of material evidence, because when we bless we affirm an omnipresent spiritual reality that can only be contacted through spiritual vision and a deep trust in this Other Reality.

We bless ourselves in our trust in the divine Omnipresence which is the ultimate reality of our existences and the All-power of Spirit on which true blessing rests.

We bless our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in the deep courage and grit needed to face the terrible invasion totally unsettling their lives and their government. And we bless the Ukrainian government that it may be given the wisdom to make the extremely tough decisions that are called for. We bless the individuals and families, including the children, fleeing the fighting often on foot, in cold weather and with a minimum of – if any – resources.

We bless them in their courage and their trust in the possibility of rebuilding their lives. And we bless the Russian invaders so that, despite the plans of their leaders, they may, even in this impossible situation, manifest compassion rather than cruelty and destructiveness, and be reminded that the civilians they pursue or destroy could be their own families.

We also bless the UN and the international community, so that in an apparently clear cut situation of no possible dialogue, they may find ways, despite all odds of shortening the conflict and alleviating the tremendous suffering.

And we bless ourselves that we may remember that Ukraine is in our mental garden and the Ukrainians and Russians truly our brothers and sisters.

And finally, we shower President Putin with love so that his plans may sooner or later give way to wisdom and compassion.

Yes, this blessing seems to be totally contradicted by material reality and it is. But once more we are affirming the presence another reality that the eyes cannot see. The other day, in my daily period of spiritual silence, I received the compelling order, « Love Putin ». Which I am learning, not unsuccessfully, to do. It is a wonderful feeling. Only heat can melt ice, not snow or more ice.