Infinite Mother-Love, I bless myself as the smile of Thy great Love, as the song of Thine infinite goodness, as the stream of Thy refreshing Truth.

I bless myself in the discernment that enables me to realize that I am a stream, song, smile to all those I meet – as they are for me.

I bless myself in my guiltless innocence, in my full joy that none can rob or erode.

I bless myself in my peace that is as deep as the ocean and calm as the lake at eventide.

 Use and reinvent this blessing every day, adding the qualities you especially wish to express – be it patience, intelligence, purity, strength, humor, whatever. Remember that as the reflection, the smile of God, you already have these qualities as a part of you. They not have to be “added on” but simply unveiled.

Enjoy the unveiling, dear Friend, it will become the greatest discovery in your existence.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/