A Candle is talking to youYou have lighted me, and you are looking at me, dreaming. Perhaps you are happy to have me. In any case, I am happy to be lit. If I don’t burn, I shall be like the others, left in a box where I have no purpose. My reason for being is fulfilled only when I am lit, then I am. Of course, when I am burning I get smaller and smaller and my light soon will be very pale. But that is the way it is, either I linger in a box, in which case I have no real reason for being, or I spread light and dreams, and then I know why I am here, why I exist. To accomplish this, I have to give something of mine, I need to give myself. And it is far better than living in a cardboard box.

The same is true of you. Either you live for yourself, not losing anything but also not really knowing why you are here … or you give light and warmth and people rejoice in your presence. You didn’t come to earth without a purpose, but you have to give of yourself. And don’t be afraid if you get smaller, it is only the outer part of you

I am a unique candle. When I am lit, the light and warmth that emanate from me aren’t very strong, but combined with other candles, all together, our light and our warmth are warm indeed.

The same is true of you. The light you alone shine may not be much, but combined with that of others, it is enormous.

Sometimes there are power outages in a house, it gets dark and everyone thinks:” Quickly, a candle” and darkness is vanquished with a single flame.

The same is true of you. Nothing is perfect in this world. Many are complaining, and some are constantly lamenting. Don’t forget that one single flame is stronger than darkness. Be brave and don ‘t wait for the others. Stay lighted and burning!

And if you don’t believe it, just take a candle, light it, look at the flame and you will understand.

Source in French : http://ursulines.union.romaine.catholique.fr