Marylin, a mother of two, had divorced a year earlier and was raising her two children aged four and two alone. Her husband had rebuilt his life elsewhere. Like many mothers who raise their children alone, she was occasionally at the end of her tether.

She shared the following story with us. « One evening, as I was getting ready for our meal, my two children, daughter Yleana, four and her brother Marty, were very agitated and I just could not handle them. I broke down in tears, telling them that their behavior was just the last straw,  that I was tired and they should calm down.

After a few moments, peace having been restored, I told them that my boss was being really very nasty with me, that I felt I was being mobbed and that I just could not manage any more. My daughter simply replied: « But mummy, if your superior is unkind with you, it’’s simply because she lacks love. So all we need to do is send her love. ». My heart leaped in my chest and suddenly I felt light and at peace, freed from my self-imposed burden.

So during the meal we sent her love, with the understanding that my superior’s unhappiness belonged to her and that her attitude towards me showed how, in fact, she needed love. Her mobbing – which has lasted for weeks – disappeared from one day to another. »

Comment: Marylin does not use the word “blessing”. However on this site we define blessing amongst others as sending love with an intention to heal, which is exactly what Marylin and Yleana did. (PP)