By Pierre Pradervand

We bless all those fighting the pandemic – health workers and personnel, MDs, pharmaceutical and scientific researchers, not to mention those touched by the virus, in their understanding that “all things are possible to God.”

We bless all those struggling with the disease (and their families)  in their hope and their vision of their wholeness, and their awareness that daily the most unexplainable “ miracles” are taking place worldwide, in so many areas, including the healing of so-called incurable or terminal diseases and patients.

We bless those working on the front line (first responders, MDs, nurses,  and unsung cleaning and other support staff in hospital and nursing homes) in their resilience, their courage, trust and deep compassion, their untiring good humour and sheer physical endurance.

We bless medical researchers in their labs and research institutes in their growing consciousness of their direct access to the one infinite Mind which is the fount of all creativity, new inventions, and original viewpoints. We bless them in daring to break away from conservative or orthodox views and methods that they may embark on the unchartered waters of surprising new approaches and omnipresent Grace.

We bless all those who have been physically isolated for medical reasons in their understanding, patience and trust.

We bless the political and health authorities in their wisdom and deep listening for guidance, trusting in the promise of Providence made to us all which is constantly whispering, ” I send an angel before you to keep you on your way and to bring you to the place I have prepared” (for you).

We bless the countless volunteers who have come forth to provide free meals to millions of school children and others in need, to fund raise, to run errands for those shut in, and show their compassion in so many different creative ways.

And finally, we bless ourselves as communities worldwide in our learning the positive lesson already emerging for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, i.e., that the only possible solution for humanity, our planet, nature and viruses included, is to strive towards a win-win world that works for all.