For eons we lived in a world where change was so slow that a snails’ pace would by comparison seem like a racing car from the famous Le Mans car race. Stability was the name of the game, be it in government or institutions (e.g., the Christian church).

Then, with the advent of the industrial revolution, visible change started happening, relatively slow but very real. Then, as of the end of the nineteen fifties early sixties, with the technological revolution as it has been called, change really started accelerating at an ever-greater pace till it became the norm and stability the exception. And there is not even the slightest hint that things might slow down. For example, for quite a few decades the most frequent word used in advertising has been “n-e-w.”

But in each one of us there is a place of deep, deep rest and total silence where the word “time” is inexistant.

Some of us access that space in deep meditation every day and a few fortunate ones are so conscious of its presence they carry it with them all through the day. And the great news is that access is totally free and available to anyone ready to invest a moment each morning as part of their daily hygiene, what a spiritual teacher I knew called “establishing your day”.

All it needs is an unbending commitment to take a brief period – maybe 20 minutes or so to start with, which will probably expand with time and practice. (A dear friend of mine who has his own professional practice easily takes one and a half to two hours. But that’s his free choice. He also has no TV!) You can start by some kind of meditation or a more specifically oriented spiritual practice – there are so many kinds of each I will not even hint at some specific one as the choice is so personal.

A remarkable American metaphysician of the 19th century, Mary Baker Eddy, once made the incredibly encouraging statement: “A deep sincerity is sure of success, for God takes care of it”. (And if the word “God” bothers you, find your own equivalent: Universal Mind, infinite Spirit, Cosmic Guidance …). And if your commitment is really unbending and sincere, it is absolutely certain that you will get there.

Your inner haven is just awaiting you.

Pierre Pradervand