From time to time we have encounters in our lives which will have a lasting impact on us for years, sometimes even for life. At the end of April I had such a contact which I know will influence the rest of my days.

It was a one-day workshop in France with Alyna Rouelle, a woman emanating such spirituality as I have rarely come across in my life – and I have had the privilege of knowing personally some highly spiritual people on several continents. Most of them, though, were in their fifties or sixties. Alyna is merely 25.  However, when she speaks, there is a clarity and a depth in her comments which are the hallmark of an exceptional spiritual vision. For seven hours she simply answered questions and at no time did I perceive a wrong note. The fact that she feeds herself only with light (thousands of people throughout the world live on prana (see the documentary “In the Beginning there was Light”  is not what struck me as most remarkable about her; instead it was her sense of the unity of all things.  As far as Alyna is concerned, everything is the Divine expressing Itself, which is actually the essence of all nondualist spiritualties such as Advaita  (the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi being one of its most brilliant teachers in the last century) and some of the Sufi masters such as Rumi or Hafiz and the great American mystic Joel Goldsmith, etc. (In contrast, Christian theology and spirituality are fundamentally dualist with the exception of a few great mystics such as Master Eckhard or Jacob Boehme, Christian Science or Goldsmith)

What impressed me the most by far, as it so clearly proved the authenticity of what Alyna told us, was when she shared with us an incident that happened to her a short while back in Paris, where she was to facilitate a seminar.  She was assaulted in the street by three big armed guys who began to strangle her. She simply smiled at them and saw in them the manifestation of the Divine. Her conviction must have been so clear and strong that the first one immediately let go of her and began to cry. The others released her as well, as if hypnotized, and then all three fled, running at top speed.

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, wrote: “The Gabriel of His presence has no contests. To infinite, ever-present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.”  Alyna lives this every single day.  Through blessing, we can begin to walk in the same direction by reversing all that is negative and blessing persons and events in the perfect spiritual opposite of the imperfect material appearances.

Pierre Pradervand

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