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A Sufi story on consecrationSucceeding in a spiritual quest demands at least four basic qualities: a strong motivation, total sincerity, a lucid and firm intention and, as in most other endeavors in life, great (and sometimes immense) perseverance, as the seeker will almost invariably encounter important trials (which are necessary to test us). Grit will be helpful in such moments!
Excerpt from 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World being published by John Hunt.

Total consecration, an absolute and firm intention which no worldly noises can distract, is indispensable for anyone wishing to attain significant results on the spiritual path. The latter is neither for amateurs nor dilettantes. The same applies to the practice of blessing where, as in all areas of life one of the universe’s fundamental laws is in effect: one reaps what one sows.

This is illustrated with marvelous humor in this Sufi story. The narrator tells about a noble who owned a black slave. Nothing seems to tire that man who saw himself as God’s servant. He gave no thoughts whatsoever to worldly goods. During the day he worked, and at night he prayed.

One day his master told him: “your fervor moves me, even troubles my soul. Tonight, I would like you to wake me up so I can pray with you.”

“Master,” replied the slave, “the woman in labor does not need to be woken up. The call of her womb is enough. If only you felt the gentle ache of the Almighty’s love, you could not go to sleep. Night and day your eyes would be alert. If you need for someone to shake you to pray, then you might as well let another pray instead. Whosoever does not resent the labor pains of this desire for God is not a true seeker of truth. Truly, for the heart which feels this desire, nothing else is really important.”

What really matters to you in your life?

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