Spirit of Truth and Love, I bless this day for all the goodness it already includes. I bless this cab as a rolling temple of Thy presence. I bless the roads I shall travel on, and all those whose paths I cross. I bless every person who enters this cab. I bless them in the coming in and going out, in their perfect path, in their guidance and sense of direction.

I bless the space of this cab, that all who enter it may find therein peace and a moment’s haven from the pressures of life. I bless myself in my patience, humor, and joy, that I may uplift the downhearted, console the sad, rejoice with those who rejoice and be for each one the mirror of the infinite Mother-Love’s caring for them.

I bless myself in my calm, that I may stay poised in the stress of urban traffic, smile at those who curse me, and end the day with a song in my heart and cash in sufficiency to cover all my needed expenses.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/