This website is managed by three friends who are deeply interested in blessing as a means of world healing, in the broadest sense of the word healing.

Pierre Pradervand is the founder of the site and the author of the books, “The Gentle Art of Blessing” (now in seven languages), “365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World” and “The Gentle Art of Spiritual Discernment – a Guide to Finding your Personal Path”.  Pierre is a frequent speaker in podcasts on the topics of the power of blessing, spirituality in daily life, spiritual healing, and forgiveness. He offers individual spiritual life-coaching. He also is a lay celebrant. For more information on his books and activities, please visit

Manuela Meier is our co-editor.

Jane Young is our webmaster.  She is also the creator of the video on the Gentle Art of Blessing.

We believe ourselves to be independent spiritual thinkers whose key spiritual allegiance is to unconditional love. We believe that the heart of spiritual practice can be summarized in the following words:

  • Think only love
  • Speak only love
  • Act and serve only with love
  • See all with the eyes of love.

We are evidently far from that goal, but we have the clear vision and the firm intention of getting there. This is a good starting point!

We also have a deep belief in blessing as a universal, non-denominational tool for healing that can be (and is) practised at any age, by anyone.

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions so please contact us by email at