My friend Mamoudou Kassambara of Mali (W. Africa)is one of the most wonderful persons I have met in my life. A devoted and tolerant moslem, he has adopted blessing as a way of life and witnessed amazing healings among the people he recommended it to.

Here is one of his stories. You will find the another titled Harmony restored in polygamous household.

Mamadou meets in the street an acquaintance of his, Fatoumata, whose son was going really wild with drugs and alcohol. He also had a knife with which he menaced people and she had to more than once go and fetch him at the police station. She was really desperate. Mamoudou tells her quietly about blessing and to simply bless her son throughout the day in those qualities which he did not seem to express. Some time later, he comes up to his mother and tells her he is tired of the life he was living and was going to change. He just dropped the alcohol, drugs, knife toting and the rest and even started going daily to the mosque to pray.