More and more these days one hears from all sides very striking accounts of healings using amazing non-medical approaches.  I was told the following story by a very dear Belgian friend, and I can vouch for its authenticity.  Increasingly, in years to come, this type of totally unorthodox healings (according to the prevailing materialistic medical orthodoxy) will multiply until one day, they will become the new norm.

In 2001, a biopsy reveals that I have prostate cancer. The doctor recommends removing the prostate as quickly as possible.  I, however, take some time to think about it and tell him that I prefer to wait before deciding to have surgery and taking a series of medications.

In the meantime, it occurs to me that there are more healthy cells in my body than sick ones, and I make the decision to rely on this fundamental health that is within me. Then I remember that a cancer cell is like a crazy cell. It grows unchecked. In short, it has lost its way. Yet for me, the “way” is the Logos, the Verb, the Christ who unifies and structures the entire cosmos … Therefore I acknowledge the Christ as my healer, and I add a kind of prayer.

It so happens that I am very fond of larks; they fly way up into the sky and there they sing their heart out and then scoop back down to the human scene before soaring back up again with their marvelous song. And so I visualize a lark being in my prostate singing the praises of Christ. It begins chirping and sings untiringly of God’s glory. I practiced this during many weeks. Several times a day I would imagine my lark singing from within this prostate, full of enthusiasm (PP: this word derives from the Geek “en-Theos” which means “in God”), full of joy and love.

After a while, with the help of a doctor who is an advocate of  this “new medicine” , I reflect deeply on an internal conflict that might have provoked this cancer, and I put an end to this conflict by  total, body/spirit/soul,  forgiveness accompanied by an important act paving the way for  a definite solution to the conflict situation.

Then I go to my general practitioner M.D.  who ends up telling me, PSA test in hand, that I appear to be healed. The surgeon has written to him advising immediate surgery, but the surprised M.D. can only acknowledge my determination and apparent healing, which he cannot explain.

Since then, I always have on my desk a little silver lark which reminds me to praise the Lord “in all times and in all places.”
(Comment by Pierre: I saw my friend again years after this healing, in 2010, and he was in perfect health)

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