Recently Les Voies de Soi asked Pierre to talk about his spiritual path. In this just released informal video conversation Pierre shares with us the role the practice of blessing has had in his life: ”demolishing” the ego, fostering unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, eliminating all judgement, and creating a yearning for simplicity in all things. The video can be viewed in its entirety, or segment by segment.

If you prefer to watch short sections of the video click on the titles below ~

Part 1. As Thy Radiant Presence – 10:16 minutes

Part 2. Is blessing a religious matter? – 2:27 minutes

Part 3. Blessing is the song of your heart – 1:53 minutes

Part 4. The Gong thoughts – 5:12 minutes

Part 5. Who or What is “God”? – 5:49 minutes

Part 6. Blessing and forgiveness – 15:52 minutes

Part 7. The Universe’s plan for us – 6:37 minutes

Part 8. Simplicity  – 10:51 minutes