Recently, I was on the train, entering phone numbers into my i-phone,  with my laptop in a closed black cover in a black bag touching my thigh. Some time later, I happened to look for my laptop … and no laptop. Someone had managed to steal it without either me or the many people on neighboring seats realizing what was happening.

The very second (not the very minute) I became aware of the theft, I started blessing the person concerned in their integrity and abundance (because if you steal you necessarily suffer from some deep feeling of lack of some kind), in their goodness and peace, for quite a while. Immediately I was overwhelmed by that “peace that passeth all understanding”, a peace I had not felt for a very long time. This was followed by a deep sense of the most sincere compassion for the person concerned. My heart really went out to them. Can you imagine what it must mean to spend your life stealing from others? Your brothers and sisters? What state of mind that person must be in? Even now, as I type this message, my heart is filled with a deep desire that this person change their ways, first of all for their OWN good (not to mention all the other people concerned).

Blessing is the ultimate healing balm, and the ultimate protection from so many forms of evil. As Mary Baker Eddy once wrote, “Clad in the panoply of love, human hatred cannot reach you” (and blessing is one of the highest, purest forms of love).