I bless (name of the child) in her/his divine completeness hidden behind the veil of appearances. I bless her/him in her/his innate perfection which, as the child of God, only awaits to be revealed. I bless her/him in the perfect work of all her/his organs which always tend towards functioning harmoniously.

I bless the doctors who take care of her/him so that their heart and their thoughts be constantly open to the inspiration that comes to them from their Source and that they may always be led to use the most appropriate treatments for this child.

I bless the parents in their serene assurance that their child’s GPS (God Positioning System) can never be derailed or err and that infinite Love’s plan for their child cannot encounter any obstacles,  no matter what might appear to the material senses. I bless them in their profound peace “which passes all understanding” (Paul),  so that no outside circumstances  can cause them to lose their courage and clear vision.

And finally, I bless all the children on this planet who are facing the same challenges in the assurance that the infinite Life, which is in all of us,  forever envelopes them with Its active and unceasing tenderness.

So Be It.

See Pierre’s book ‘365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World’/