Composed  by Pierre Pradervand for Humanity’s Team

October 24 Global Oneness Day 2017We bless You, Infinite Love, for the clearest sense of oneness which is realizing that absolutely all is infinite Life and its infinite manifestation.

We bless You in that the unfolding of all existence is Your Infinite Life making itself known in myriads of disguises, as me, as my neighbor, whoever he or she may be.

We bless You that the tree in my yard or in yonder park, the flowers blooming all around us, the birds singing and the rivers flowing, those we have mistakenly labeled as our foes, the beggar in the street and the 800 million suffering from hunger in the world, behind the illusory veil of matter, all are Your Infinite Life in one splendid expression.

We bless You for giving us daily the ever clearer understanding that every single living being, from the smallest micromolecule to the rolling of the galaxies, is the perfect expression of the undivided garment called divine Life, hence sacred.

Such is Your endless Love for us, that You would bond us so intimately in this incredible experience called our planet, part of Your infinite stupendous universe.

And we bless our coming encounters with extra-terrestrial beings (ETs), which have already been visiting our planet for many years, that we may welcome them with gratitude and love, for they too are simply different and maybe far more advanced expressions of that one infinite Life which upholds us all in its tender care.

May we welcome them with trust and a sane curiosity rather than with fear and rejection. May we not be turned off by what we could judge as strangeness, but be turned on in awe at the astounding creativity and abundance of this infinite, universal Life-force taking on such myriads of expressions, including our brothers and sisters from other solar systems or galaxies.

And finally, in a world which, seen under the lens of material vision, can seem so cruelly divided, may we consciously rest in and trust the seamless tapestry of Life which, seen under the lens of Spirit, already unites us all on our common path towards humankind’s higher destiny.

Listen below to Pierre reading his Global Oneness Day Blessing and speaking with Steve Farrell.

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