Some time ago I gave a very precious garden bench to a local carpenter for repairs. The bill for the job hit the ceiling, but I decided to pay without comments because this bench (which could comfortably seat four people) was so precious to me.

However, immediately after paying the bill just after the work was delivered, I noticed two large, deep cracks in the woodwork. I immediately flared up inside. How dare this man deliver the bench with such a glaring imperfection? I jumped on the phone and immediately called him, but was told he was in a meeting. As he lived in a nearby township, I decided to drive to his shop. Such a bill for such shoddy finishing! I would tell him what I thought of this, me, such a good client.

As I drove to his place, a little voice in me said: what about trying blessing? So I immediately started blessing him – in his diligence, his craftsmanship, his integrity, etc. Of course, this produced an instant change of heart, and when I reached his shop my tone was warm and friendly and he immediately apologized profusely and came to fetch the bench which he finished to perfection.

Marie Louise