by Carolyn Bowyer

Blessing PrayerLet us bless the Universe that we reside in, all the planets and their satellites, the asteroids and the comets and meteors and all the stars beyond..

Let us bless the Earth, our planet, the air we breathe and the water we drink and use, the seas and the rivers and lakes.

Bless the fire from the sun that warms us and gives us light.

Bless the Moon that gives us light at night.

Bless all the people on our planet, all the animals on the planet, including the reptiles, birds and insects.

Bless all the plant life and the soil that gives them life.

Bless all the different peoples on the Earth that we may all live in harmony and appreciate the differences between us all.

Bless all the countries in the world with peace and happiness and a willingness to work together harmoniously..

Bless all the spirits and angels that guard us and keep us safe and advise us on the right path to take.

Bless all the food that we eat that we may receive the nourishment we require.

Bless all those who work hard to keep us fed and watered with good food and drink.

Bless all the people who smile at us with happiness and love for they spread joy wherever they go.

Bless your own body and all your organs and every cell of your body with love and thanks for allowing your spirit to abide in this dimension and then bless your own soul and allow us all for a moment to become one and to feel the love that is always there and that will hold us always.