I have being going through a period of “dismantling”. Everything seems very difficult.

 But fate put on my path Pierre Pradervand’s book on the art of blessing (The Gentle Art of Blessing)

I started to work daily with blessing the beings and the difficult circumstances I encountered.

I share a common courtyard in the country and my neighbor is a motorcycle enthusiast. So, I have had to put up with a lot of noise and there seemed no way to find common ground. This engine noise triggered anxiety in me. Listening to Pierre Pradervand’s video on blessing, (https://gentleartofblessing.org/the-gentle-art-of-blessing-video-in-english/) I started to bless this bike. And now every time I hear it, I tell myself that it is there to remind me that I must continue my blessing practice.  I have made this bike my ally. What I can say is that when I have anxiety I have an immediate tool to help me overcome it and gradually the tension goes down. I am not totally desensitized but I am really on my way and thanks to this motorcycle I continue my work of blessing my common yard, my neighbors, my house, my environment and myself. I am very grateful to have been able to overcome this difficulty, I am grateful to have been able to transform this problem which has lasted for 30 years.

 Gradually a calmness has slowly permeated my mind. I have changed my outlook. What was for me a source of anguish became a topic to work on and to transform. And a light appeared like a hope. I remember this beautiful phrase from Pierre Pradervand: “Hang in there, hang in there , hang in there!”

It is a powerful mantra. With this testimony, I wanted to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his help.

Regine Schirrer, France