“I am a Christian Science nurse and when I first began to practice blessing there was a certain “bed ridden” patient with whom every nurse seemed to have a difficult time and I was no exception. I would go in her room when assigned to it and she would (seemingly) bark orders in a tone that was like fingernails on a chalkboard. Screeching and unending … It was miserable.

I began to bless. At first it seemed crazy to be blessing, as she seemed to be barking orders. But I silently blessed her in her gratitude, her contentment, her peace of mind, her love. No matter how difficult at first (and believe me at first it seemed quite difficult) I did not stop my silent blessing.

Within a few days, and unexpectedly, my view changed. Suddenly I felt myself in her position and realized the honor of my own. It became a joy to hold a cup of water to her mouth so she could sip, to wash and clean her and to do the smallest of duties. Suddenly, what once felt like a dictatorship had become a friendship.

Soon demands turned into expressions of gratitude. I would sit and read to her, we would hold hands and laugh. In those moments she would enrich me with her own life experiences and I would come to better know our Father-Mother God.
I was thrilled on the days I would come to work and find I had been assigned to her room. For our relation had truly become one of harmony. One in Love!

A month or so later, I was working in another hall of the facility. I was moved by Spirit to go and enter her room, and as I did, she looked up at me, placed her hands on my cheek and smiled. “I love you “ she said and I mirrored her words back as I kissed her brow and turned to walk out. In that moment, she died. And I was blessed, yet again, in knowing her.”

Susan, USA

The most wonderful thing about blessing is that it can apply to practically any situation. As a matter of fact, I could not think of a single situation where one could not enrich, uplift or transform through blessing.