“Spiritual activism is a practice that brings together the otherworldly and inward-focused work of spirituality and the outwardly-focused work of activism (which focuses on the conditions of the material or physical world).” Wikipedia

This essay is inspired by the latest message from the citizen movement AVAAZ*, certainly the most remarkable movement of its kind ever to have emerged. Avaaz has almost 70 million members worldwide, and it is this sheer mass that gives it the clout it has. Personally, I think anyone committed to creating a win-win world that works for all  (nature included) should consider joining. Avaaz is at work all over the world and its messages (newsletters) are always very powerful.

The latest one is no exception. According to scientists, we only have 8 years left to cut carbon emissions by more than half to avoid a global environmental collapse. But there’s a way to do it. A team at Harvard University has calculated that any nonviolent cause that mobilizes 3.5% of a population can reach a tipping point that guarantees social transformation. Now, the Avaaz movement alone has nearly 70 million members – not far from 1% of the world’s population, which is simply staggering for a recently created citizen movement.

But time is running out, and the business community seems almost immune to changing their sacred moto, “Buy, buy, buy …. anything but buy” and governments are for the most part, as we saw at the Glasgow conference, very soft on the issue. IT’S WE, THE MOBILIZED CITIZENS, WHO WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

So, get involved, either in powerful movements like Avaaz or Greenpeace, or in local or regional movements – and these are proliferating in many countries. And an important part of that commitment will be changing your lifestyle in many areas – food, vacation travel, financial donations, time for activism, etc. Not to mention those who believe in the power of spiritual work in the privacy of their homes.

The key is to commit – now. Because if the house starts burning down, it’s too late to call the fire department.

Together we can do so many remarkable, amazing things. So let us dare to believe in our collective power. It is what will allow us to make a difference.

* https://avaaz.org/page/en/about/

Pierre Pradervand
January 2022

A related blessing:

For the Silent Servants of Good

All over the world, there are millions of people who serve in silence, who do good around them, who sow seeds of love and compassion, unheralded and infinitely modest about their achievements. However, they are the glue that holds our society together.

We bless all those the world over who carry out their silent missions of service, compassion and mercy, without any concern for recognition or applause.

We bless them in their awareness that, through them, divine Love is smiling upon the world and the Christ energy is silently percolating through the tissue of human affairs and regenerating it.

We bless them in their silent rejoicing, that what they have done for the least of their fellow sisters and brothers, they have done for the universal Christ which is beyond all labels (including “Christian”), denominations and theologies.

We bless them in their deep sensitivity to the suffering of the world and all its beings, animal and vegetable as well as human. May they never be dragged down by it, but on the contrary be stimulated to radiate ever more love and deep caring, including to themselves as Your humble and shining reflection.

Pierre Pradervand, from ‘376 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World