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Positive News

When we open newspapers or watch the news on television it is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of negative news that is the media’s focus.

And yet, throughout the world, there are many “points of light” – people and organizations who labour hard and tirelessly to make this world one that is brighter, more equitable, and responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable among us. These are the types of inspiring stories this new section will include – they can’t help but bless!

Why Love is the best ‘revenge’

“We are choosing love, not for an outcome but for the actual creation of a different reality, where cynicism cannot overshadow the real connection of Love. The norm is fear and separation, but Love is the greater reality. I don’t have to judge those who fear, I can feel compassion for them. There are wounded…

Art, Beauty and Healing

“Indeed, the subtle touches of beauty are what enable most people to survive. Yet beauty is so quietly woven through our ordinary days that we hardly notice it. Everywhere there is tenderness, care and kindness, there is beauty.”  John O’Donahue For thirty years, Lily Yeh was a professor of painting and art history at Philadelphia’s…

She has helped Thousands of Homeless Pregnant Women Rebuild Their Lives

Niko Pitney, Sr Editor, The Huffington Post, 12/19/2014 Martha Ryan’s clients are society’s most vulnerable women. They are pregnant and they are homeless. Virtually all were born into poverty, and many are battling addiction or are victims of domestic violence. And yet these women achieve extraordinary results. Over 90 percent of their high-risk pregnancies result…