Commentary by Sri AurobindoTranslation of a text which has been and continues to be one of my greatest sources of inspiration. PP

To perform all acts without the personal egoism of the doer is the first sign of the divine worker.

The second sign is the absence of desire since, where there is no personal egoism of the doer, desire becomes impossible… Outwardly, the liberated man seems to perform all kinds of activities that others also engage in, however his work is free from desire. He has given up attachment to the fruits of his actions for, when one acts, not for the fruit but solely as the impersonal instrument of the Master of the Works, desire cannot find any room, not even the desire to serve successfully;  the fruit belongs to the Lord and is determined by Him and not by personal will or efforts – not even by the desire to serve with merit and to the Master’s satisfaction, since the real author is the Divine Person and all glory belongs to a form of his Shakti (cosmic energy) at work  in the universe and not to the limited human personality.