Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (our translation)

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross“To die is to move into a more beautiful home. It is simply to abandon one’s physical body just as the butterfly slips out of its cocoon.” These are the words that Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross often used at her patients’ bedsides.

“Most people think of their living conditions as difficult, their trials and tribulations, their fears and all their losses as a curse, a punishment meted out by God, something negative. If only we could understand that nothing that happens to us, and I insist, absolutely nothing, is negative. All the trials and suffering, even the greatest losses as well as all the events of which we later say, “If I had known this ahead of time I would never have thought I could weather it” are always gifts. To be unhappy and to suffer is to be shaped with a red-hot iron. It is the opportunity given to us to grow.

“It is our only reason for being on earth. We cannot grow psychically just sitting in a beautiful garden where we are being served a succulent dinner on a silver plate. On the contrary, we grow when we are ill, or when we suffer, or when we face a painful loss. We grow when we don’t stick our heads in the sand but rather accept suffering by trying to understand it as a gift given with a specific goal, not as a curse or punishment.

“… If only we have eyes to see, we could discover that we are never alone, that we are surrounded by entities who love and protect us. They attempt to guide us and to help us remain on the right path so that we accomplish our destiny. In those times of great pain, great suffering or deep loneliness, our awareness occasionally grows so that we can recognize their presence …  And as we get closer to our inner being, our spiritual Self, we realize that we are guided by this inner consciousness, which is ours and represents our omniscient Self, this immortal part of us we call butterfly.”

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