Guest blog by Sandy Wilder
Sept 2018 blog
One reason so many of us struggle
with making progress
and experiencing freedom,
is that we are so identified with our minds
that we often confuse our mind with our identity.

Your mind is one of your faculties,
but it is not who you are.
It does not have the capacity
to understand or articulate who you are.

We think and say unreasonable things like:

  • I am confused.
  • I will never get it right.
  • I am worthless.
  • I am a terrible, partner, Mom, Dad, friend, etc.
  • I am not as good as _________.
  • I am not creative.

These may describe the way your mind sees you,
but they are not you: your authentic Self.

Next time any of these thoughts
(or similar ones) arrive,
try rephrasing them with the preface:

“I am noticing my mind thinks…”

So the first one would be:
“I am noticing my mind thinks I am confused.”
Try each of the bulleted statements,
and some of your own.

The I that is aware and notices,
is who you are.

If this small but powerful shift
can become your new default,
you may find
you will declutter your mind
from many errant, toxic judgments.

March 3, 2018

Source : Sandy Wilder, Educare Unlearning Institute, Grafton, Illinois. ~

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