Paul Ferrini

The language of love is not a language of words…

Whoever practices love returns to the house of God. No matter what path he/she follows or what name he/she gives it.

No path is better than another. You will not return home faster by believing in me than by believing in Krishna or Buddha. The man or woman who loves the most progresses the most. That’s the simple truth.

Religions, sects, dogmas are only obstacles to this return. Whoever believes he or she holds the one and only truth builds his or her house on quicksand.  They will soon discover that pride, narrow-mindedness and lack of tolerance towards others have caused their loss.

If you are loving, does it matter whether you are Jewish, Muslim or Taoist? This love is expressed regardless of your beliefs. The language of love is not made of words. A few simple words and a sincere gesture are enough to communicate your love and acceptance of the other.

Words and concepts will not open your heart. Only love can open your heart. When you open yourself to the love you have in your heart and freely extend it to others, the words you need will be given to you. You will have no difficulty in knowing what to say or what to do.

When your heart is full of love, the path opens up before you. Actions emanate from you in a fluid and spontaneous way. There is no embarrassment, no ambivalence, no need to deliberate. For these things are not qualities of love. Love is unconditional and direct.

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