Divine InspirationWhatever religion you were taught, however you were raised, whichever way you understood your teachers, you will grasp and understand this message.

It not sufficient to believe this message, one also must live it.

The essence of universal religion is peace and goodness encompassing love and kindness towards all creatures on earth.

The time has come to express this in our personal lives and one must begin with one’s self and one’s inner life.

You wish to reform the world? Change yourself first, my friend!

Love is at the center of all religions, and love in action is the culmination of religion.

Do not only love family and friends because to limit love is to deny it. Seek inner peace and divine inspiration. Persevere in this, don’t ever give up.

Through your faith and your actions, you shape your life and help shape the lives of others — what a responsibility!

In you Spirit has found its agent and partner and to the extent you are conscious of it, it will enrich you. You will experience a revelation more profound than your most exalted dreams.

A new period is dawning where we will understand that all is One. Differences between religions will vanish. The good they contain will be gathered together and become humanity’s goal. Know that the choice is yours.

Choose love over hate, gentleness over violence, holiness over evil. Dare to believe that the reign of love and peace is coming, be ready, be virtuous in all actions.

Virtue opens all doors and beyond doors Love is found.

May divine inspiration encompass your entire life.

Source (our translation): http://www.lespasseurs.com/Inspiration_divine.htm