Divine simplicityWe live in a world of growing complexity not to mention complications. If I did not have a few good friends to help me, I could easily become a Neolithic caveman in the computer field. In almost every single area, especially e.g., health and medicine, we are faced with contradictory information, most of them claiming to be backed by some solid authority. Just filling out numerous administrative forms is sometimes a real headache. The average man on the street finds it more and more challenging to have a meaningful opinion on issues like artificial intelligence or the G-5 system which is slowly invading our countries. You name it.

Yet for someone on the spiritual path, one of the most beautiful discoveries is that everything becomes inwardly simpler and simpler as she or he progresses in their quest. The complexities of social relations just vanish in the discovery that the essence of every being is divine. Personally, my most frequent reply to numerous questions is simply « I don’t know. » And my growing human ignorance of all I supposedly « should » know or understand is replaced by the quiet assurance that the only thing I really need to know is that we live in an infinitely benevolent universe which supports us every moment and the only thing I really need to master is unconditional love and forgiveness.Divine simplicity

A very precious discipline that will help you possibly more than any other one is to make regular pauses of a few minutes during the day. To begin with it may be only two or three, but the benefits of the practice will rapidly encourage you to make pauses more and more often. There are so many ways to use these breaks, I am not even going to attempt to suggest a specific manner.

Just listen and ask Spirit: “What should I do with the gift of these few minutes? “And the reply is sure to come. And above all, remember that you are never alone. There is a higher guidance which, unbeknownst to many of us, accompanies us along the way. As a passage of the book of Exodus states: “I shall send an angel before you to guard you on the way and lead you to the place I have prepared for you. “Just trust in that guidance, and if you are sincere and persevere, the result is certain.

It is all so simple, friend

Pierre Pradervand, May 1, 2019