Marianne Williamson, one of the great figures of the American spiritual scene, has published a superb book of brief daily reflections, A YEAR OF MIRACLES. I would like to quote in its entirety one that I ponder practically every morning at the start of my day:

Nothing about your material circumstances has the power to stop the engine of cosmic intention that you be blessed. And you are blessed “eternally”, which means moment after moment after moment. In any instant, regardless of what has happened in the past, the universe has arranged and is continuing to arrange infinite possibilities for you to prosper.

It might offend your sense of “realism” to believe this. Surely, things can’t be that good. And yet they are.  The universe is programmed to manifest, through you, the highest possibilities for your creativity and joy. And that will never, ever change. God is intent on your deliverance from all forms of bondage to the freedom of unlimited love. (Day 280)

What Marianne is saying is that the universe, infinite divine Love, is literally conspiring  in favour of our fullness, our happiness and will never stop before we have reached it. This is one of the most comforting ideas I can think of. To have as one’s partner unconditional Love (that some call “God”), say, that’s not bad!

Even if we get discouraged to the point of taking our own life, Love will not be discouraged and will never, never let go of us before we have reached the ultimate point of perfection which is the final destiny of each one of us on this planet, (and, I suspect, in the whole universe, but I have not yet done much inter-galactic travelling – haven’t even been to the moon to interview the Moonies).

And as Marianne stresses, this is true, whatever we may have done in the past, whatever our erring ways, whatever our hereditary or genetic baggage. And that without any condition, out of sheer love.

We may resist this conspiration in our favour for a time, but only for a time. Sooner or later, Love will impose itself to us simply because we are not the ones who set up the rules of the Great Cosmic Game, the game of Life. And that is incredibly comforting! Even our trials turn out to be blessings in disguise! (That will be the theme of our next two blogs)

Pierre Pradervand

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