Everything you see, feel, touch, hear or think comes from and manifests in pure Consciousness. Time and space emerge from pure consciousness. Your body and that of millions of other human beings, as well as trees, animals, rivers originate from and appear in this pure consciousness. When you understand that all that exists is the manifestation of a single substratum, Being, there is no more conflict. You are that pure consciousness; it is your true nature. You are that!

You are the ocean. All the waves, whether gentle or rough surf, are a product of the ocean. It will never be otherwise. You are the ocean, not the waves. The waves come and go; the ocean is unchangeable.

Pure consciousness is what you are. Recognize who you are and live your life in peace. There is nothing else to do. There is no learning curve, there are no challenges to master, no problems to resolve. Just BE.

The ego always needs a challenge to prove that it is competent, that it is better than it was yesterday and that it is making progress. It wants to be better than the others so as not to feel unworthy. It creates a future and spends its life trying to live that future. Beyond the ego, which is based on duality, there is your Self, the oneness in which all is manifested. Pure consciousness is not divided into either two or a hundred parts. There is no division; there only is the One eternally undivided.

This truth cannot be understood with the mental, because it is beyond the mental. Only your consciousness can apprehend this truth.

Source : http://eveilspirituel.net/textes-de-claudette-vidal.asp?i=16
(our translation)